<i>Magic Hollow Farm</i>

Magic Hollow Farm

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The barn is home to Maggie (the calf) and her mother, Sunshine. Maggie was born on Sept 11th, 2021, weighing in at 49lbs. Today she's a month old (growing like a weed), weighing over 70 lbs. Way-to-go Maggie!!

Sunshine is still her primary source of nutrition; however, Maggie seems to be very interested in cracked corn. It won't be long before Maggie is grazing with the rest of the herd.

Like most toddlers, Maggie loves to play with her breakfast. Sunshine is doing her level best to teach Maggie how to eat like an adult.

It's slow going, but as you can see, Mom has the patience of a saint.

A Day in the life of Sunshine, Maggie, Daisy,
The Hens and a Rooster named Kyle

(Cow, Calf, Dog, Guinea Hens, and Kyle)